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Paralegals are professionals who provide legal assistance to attorneys and clients.  They are responsible for researching legal documents preparing legal documents and providing support to attorneys.  Paralegals also help attorneys with case management and can provide general legal advice to clients. Paralegals are an important part of the legal system and help to ensure that attorneys are able to provide quality legal services to their clients.  Paralegals must be knowledgeable about the law and legal procedures, and must be able to interpret and apply the law to specific cases.  Paralegals must also have excellent communication skills and be able to work with attorneys and clients in a professional manner. Paralegals play a vital role in the legal system, and their services are in high demand.  In addition to providing legal services, paralegals also help to build relationships with clients, as well as to foster a sense of community in the legal profession.  Paralegals often work in law firms, government offices, and non-profit organizations, and may also be employed by private individuals.  Paralegals are often seen as an important part of the legal team, and are respected for their hard work and dedication.

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Keyword: "perjury"
Synonyms: "distortion", "exaggeration", "half-truth", "fable", "fabrication", "fairy tale", "falsehood", "falsity", "fib", "lie", "mendacity", "prevarication", "story", "tale", "taradiddle", "untruth", "whopper", "ambiguity", "equivocation", "obliquity", "defamation", "libel", "slander", "bluff", "fiction", "pose", "pretense", "humbug", "jive", "nonsense", "canard", "fallacy", "misconception", "myth", "falsification", "misinformation", "misreport", "misrepresentation", "misstatement", "deceit", "deceitfulness", "dishonesty", "duplicity", "fraudulence"
Definition: "the crime of telling a lie in a court of law after promising to tell the truth "

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